washing voices by the sea. the volume settings folder.

Spirit by Yasuhiro Onishi

"Sometimes The Wrong Train Will Get You To The Right Station".

this Zug takes to anxiety and nervous excitement. the volume settings folder.

Arborea Ospiza, on Organic Industries’ album “Ivan Hoe and Other Tales”.

almost two years ago. quite a journey. the volume settings folder.


untitled, 2014 (re-soaked negative)
manual negative chemical manipulation
Jobo C-41 color home processing kit
Kodak Gold 400 35mm


Found on Tumblr #3

For a long time now I have seen ‘likes’ come my way from - a music lover, a music maker and an all-round artist it seems.
the volume settings folder is an ambient, drone and post-rock music project. The work of a solo Italian, their very own description is the amusingly ungrammatical yet evocative “sketch and improv attitude to get sudden ambience” - which will make sense to you one you begin to listen to the music. While it is clear effort is poured into each of these pieces they always manage to capture a certain immediateness. From brain to instruments to ears.

I am pleased to say that the above piece was personally selected by the artist for it’s summer-like qualities. Plenty of releases are available though, all free to listen to via
Most of these releases have also been produced in limited physical versions, each time with the most gorgeous custom-made packaging you can imagine, and for bargain prices at that.
DIY artistry at its finest.

much love to There’s More to Music. the volume settings folder.

River Etsch.

take me to a shelter, take me somewhere - time is on our side, I’ll get there. the volume settings folder.

little diamond found while hiking today. tvsf.


my neck aches. from SEQUENCE7. the volume settings folder.

Leonina, by M. Beckmann.

this is just a deep romantic sexual attachment. the volume settings folder.

The Ambient Obsession Questionnaire No.1 - the volume settings folder


#1. Who are you?

I am M. Beckmann, the guy behind “the volume settings folder” project. I like to puzzle things a little about my name, so.. That will be it.

#2. What City/Providence/Country are you based out of?

Italian, living in the countryside west from Venice.

#3. When did you begin…

a 10 questions interview I did for my friend Tanner Garza and his Ambient Obsession “Questionnaire” new series. if you want to know something more about me, enjoy. the volume settings folder.

The Burning Surface Of Forgotten Hands.

how to produce bubbles from iron and water. the volume settings folder.

A Moment’s Echo. tvsf & Tanner garza.

permission to land - granted. we should expect rain in italy. the volume settings folder.