Heidelberg 11. August 1904.

and do not forget to send postcards. the volume settings folder.

Amused Expression.

round and round the mill spins, squeezing bubbling water into crispy sparks. from the album “Folder #03”. the volume settings folder.


voices from the stove. the volume settings folder.


Robert Demachy

William WEGMANScreen Puree, 1975


Hidden Shoal.

navigate with closed eyes and open heart. from “Folder #03”. the volume settings folder.

Northfrom Lighthouse by Day.

"Folder #03" physical Limited Edition with "Lighthouse by Day" sold out in 24 hours. I thank all of You for this amazing, always growing support! the Standard Edition is still available, and the new “Folders #01 + #02 + #03 Bundle” as well. Much Love! the volume settings folder.

"Sometimes The Wrong Train Will Get You To The Right Station".

is this my stop? or should I go further, with you?

this album is not meant to be an ode to Summer’s heat. yet, among the hours of stuff recorded, I choose to include here mainly those consisting of a single melodic line, sole drones or evolving textures that evoke, at least to me, a sense of deep heat, something thick and coarse, bearable only with stillness. quietude. phlegma of motion and temperament. 

Folder #03 is a placebo to trick the Summer. out today in both Standard and a special Limited Edition. also, from now on there will be a special “Folders Bundle" option. warm and hearty Thanks to those already supporting this album! the volume settings folder.

"Folder #03" and “Lighthouse by Day” are ready. this release, due tomorrow July 3rd, will be the last for a hopefully not long period. music and making music is a huge passion for me, but I dedicated it a little bit more time than that spent on books to accomplish my university career. I plan to end my studies by October, and then begin what they call “a life in the real world”. and in that life there will be enough time and more money to develop and grow the volume settings folder project a bit further.


look all around, a wave of light and sun breathes over the sea. from “Lighthouse by Day”, bonus track. the volume settings folder.